nullMandatory or voluntary verification of the financial statements of the entity with the issuance of an opinion report regarding whether they express the true image of the financial, patrimonial and economic situation in accordance with current regulations. Read more
Audit of reporting Packages according to IAS, USGAAP standards… Read more
Review work with the objective of determining the economic, financial and patrimonial situation of a company in the process of buying or selling companies. Read more
Expanding the share capital is a way of financing to obtain new investments. The decision to increase share capital is important for your vision vis-à-vis third parties. Said operation entails issuance expenses. We prepare capital increase or reduction reports according to the current law on capital companies. As auditors we have a team specialized in these reports… Read more
We have participated in numerous acquisitions, mergers and restructuring of companies advising our clients comprehensively. We know the most common challenges of this type of transaction and we can offer our clients solutions and anticipation of possible challenges. Read more
If your company is the parent company of a group or a component thereof, you can contract our services to carry out the audit of the consolidated annual accounts. Read more
(for Foundations, Public Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Public Entities and private companies). Read more