nullMandatory or voluntary verification of the financial statements of the entity with the issuance of an opinion report regarding whether they express the true image of the financial, patrimonial and economic situation in accordance with current regulations. Read more
Audit of reporting Packages according to IAS, USGAAP standards… Read more
Review work with the objective of determining the economic, financial and patrimonial situation of a company in the process of buying or selling companies. Read more
Expanding the share capital is a way of financing to obtain new investments. The decision to increase share capital is important for your vision vis-à-vis third parties. Said operation entails issuance expenses. We prepare capital increase or reduction reports according to the current law on capital companies. As auditors we have a team specialized in these reports… Read more
We have participated in numerous acquisitions, mergers and restructuring of companies advising our clients comprehensively. We know the most common challenges of this type of transaction and we can offer our clients solutions and anticipation of possible challenges. Read more
If your company is the parent company of a group or a component thereof, you can contract our services to carry out the audit of the consolidated annual accounts. Read more
(for Foundations, Public Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Public Entities and private companies). Read more

We approach restructuring from a socially responsible approach, acting on all its dimensions, territorial, business and talent.

A restructuring is a strategic project that implies important changes and in which the future of the organization is defined. Our objective is to minimize your legal, financial, social, talent management and reputational risks. Read more

The accounting outsourcing service has become one of the most demanded by organizations today, since it allows companies to focus on the main activity of their business, find a more efficient way to manage their finances, as well as improve your productivity. Contact us to obtain a quality accounting outsourcing. Read more

Our advice may cover each and every one of the state taxes, as well as the rates, public prices, royalties and parafiscal levies required by the different Public Administrations. We also have extensive experience in international taxation. Read more

Preparation and presentation of the Annual Accounts. Read more

We advise and accompany our clients throughout the bankruptcy procedure. The bankruptcy request is a legal obligation for a company that is insolvent, but the bankruptcy planning, establishing an action strategy and using all the pre-bankruptcy tools that the law makes available to the company and that will be studied and analyzed by our multidisciplinary team of lawyers and economists, can mean the difference between the continuity of the company (or one of its production units) and its liquidation. We also act on behalf of our clients as bankruptcy creditors. Read more

nullWith In Company training we help companies to obtain added value to continue growing and improving towards the achievement of their objectives, promoting internal talent with training plans designed to measure. With updated content and taught by experts in the sector, active professionals who guarantee that the training received is applicable to the day-to-day life of the company. Read more

We help companies build a culture of self-development, offering them a wide variety of learning formats, accessibility, flexibility and high doses of inspiration. We act professionally, giving more importance to prevention than correction, we are respectful of the personal and business information we handle, we encourage collaborative environments, in short, our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.  Read more