The company

Equifond offers their audit services to companies of diverse sectors with a high quality level and the necessary professionalism for a national coverage and a technical infrastructure and also a qualified team.


The best and more recognized quality of the company is the personal and professional category of their members: a group of 100 professionals with wide experience to be able to give response to any topic related to the economical, financial and social reality of the companies.

Complete Service Guarantee

Our Member firms collaborate often and well. Which means we can offer you seamless service and personal attention tailored to the way you want to do business.

EQUIFOND  has a team with extensive, proven professional experience, qualifying us to provide a varied range of efficacious, efficient, optimal services. We do more than give solutions to our clients, we provide you with what you need, when you need it. In a world where an immediate response to daily problems is essential, we believe that our auditors' knowledge, capacity, responsibility and experience and professional team are factors is of great benefit to our clients.

EQUIFOND team consists of auditors, economists, lawyers, university professors, Social Graduates, Engineers & Experts in Bankruptcy Administration.

EQUIFOND have offices in Barcelona Madrid and  A Coruña

Your partner Francesc Garreta has published articles in newspapers and magazines as well as participates in training for auditors and financial and accounting principals.

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